Despite the fact that I may have deflated her a bit with my concern over funding, I thought Kayla’s idea of Beyond Deadline has a lot of potential. I don’t know of any podcast-esque resources aspiring journalists have, and I think catering at least partially to that need could widen the audience appeal a good margin. However, maintaining a degree of focus on student newspapers is definitely important for maintaining funding – I don’t remember who suggested it, but partnering with (or being sponsored by) different colleges could be a great way to keep the publication afloat.As someone who clearly evangelizes for podcasts and podcasting as a whole, I really liked Kelli’s plan for Community Cast as well. I have a few points of concern/uncertainty – like whether it needs to be its own app instead of a website/web app, which may help reduce initial development costs. However, the fact is that there’s so much undiscovered talent in local radio and small-time podcasting that’s trapped in obscurity.  Developing something – app or not – to bring that talent to the audience size it deserves is a win for everyone involved. It’s ambitious, but it’s an ambition worth following through with.


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